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Universal Breathable Bung Set of Three

Universal Breathable Bung Set of Three

Not sure what bung is right for you? Get all our Breathable Bungs with this complete set of three.


  • Breathable Bung for Glass Carboys
  • Breathable Bung for Plastic Carboys
  • Breathable Bung for Barrels

Breathable Bung for Glass Carboys

A breathable Silicone stopper that acts as both a stopper and an airlock. Unique design allows CO2 pressure to escape but keeps Oxygen and airborne contamination out. This quickly became our stopper of choice for wine, and is a popular style used by numerous commercial wineries. Also has great application for beer ferments: It will create a vacuum if fermenting wort cools (as opposed to pulling water in from your traditional airlock.) Airtight seal is great for extended fermented lager when CO2 production is still present but very slight.

  • Fits 3, 5, 6 & 6.5 gallon glass carboys, 1 gallon bottles, growlers, and 500 mL flasks.
  • Replaces Stopper Sizes #6, #6.5, #7, #8
  • Stopper Measurements: 0.94" x 1.48" (24 mm x 37.5 mm)

Breathable Bung For Plastic Carboys

This bung has a ridge to keep it from getting sucked in and self-sealing vent holes to let air out but not in. They have a gentle taper, so they don’t slip out during use.  They are also very easy to clean and sanitize. This a perfect fit for a 1.5” TC ferrules, Fermonsters, and Vintage Shop Plastic carboys.

  • Replaces Stopper Sizes #8, #9. #10
  • Stopper Measurements: 1.36" x 1.89" (34.5 mm x 48 mm)

Breathable Bung for Barrels

Our premium breathable silicone barrel bungs will immediately impress with its robust design and features. To start with, the ridge really helps make bung removal effortless. The bung acts as an airlock and allows the release of CO2 while maintaining a seal against oxygen coming in. This makes the bung ideal for alcoholic or malolactic fermentation in barrels or tanks. 

  • Fits 30- and 60-gallon barrels as well as the hole in the lid of most Variable Volume tanks!
  • Also fits perfectly in a 2" tri-clamp ferrule
  • Replaces Stopper Sizes #10 , #11, #12
  • Stopper Measurements: 1.65" x 2.19" (42 mm x 55.5 mm)
  • The flapper stopper protrudes roughly 2.5" from the stopper
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