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Cellar Science

SAISON Dry beer Yeast

SAISON Dry beer Yeast

Ferment delicious Saisons with hints of fruit and citrus plus all the classic spicy phenolic flavors. SAISON ferments very dry but leaves behind a beer with a soft malt body and rich mouthfeel. Like all CellarScience yeast, SAISON is eligible for direct pitch straight into your wort. CellarScience provides 12g of yeast per sachet, which is up to 9% more than any other brand of dry yeast. Every batch of yeast is PCR tested to ensure quality. 

One 12g sachet is enough to treat a 5–6 gallon batch. Or 80-120 grams per barrel, depending on wort temperature and gravity.

Direct Pitch OR Rehydrate:
SAISON yeast is designed to be sprinkled directly onto the surface of your wort with no oxygenation required in the initial fermentation. Our aerobic growth process makes this possible by creating dry yeast with high viability and high sterol levels. SAISON yeast is pre-loaded with essential nutrients to ensure a successful, complete fermentation. While not required, some brewers prefer to rehydrate yeast. To hydrate yeast, first, sanitize the yeast brick and scissors. Use 10 grams of sterilized tap water between 85-95°F (29-35°C) mixed with 0.25 grams of FermStart per gram of yeast. Sprinkle yeast on the water. Allow the slurry to stand undisturbed for 20 minutes, then swirl. Use small amounts of wort to adjust to within 10°F (6°C) of wort temperature before pitching. Ferment between 62–75°F (17–24°C).

Optimum Fermentation Temp: 62-75°F
Flocculation: Low
Alcohol Tolerance: 12% ABV
Attenuation: up to 95%
Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus

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