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FOAM AXE Anti-Foaming Agent

FOAM AXE Anti-Foaming Agent

Foam Axe stops boil overs in the kettle and limits foaming in your fermenter. This uniquely formulated anti-foaming agent reduces surface tension so bubbles are Axed before they can form. Foam Axe actually increases head formation in the finished beer by retaining foam forming proteins that would have normally blown off during fermentation. Use it in your boil kettle to prevent boil-overs for a cleaner, safer process. Then add Foam Axe to your fermenter to reduce Krausen, save beer, and increase the volume capacity of your fermenter.

In the Kettle:
Nobody likes a boil over as they are messy and take considerable time to clean up. Save time, beer, your burner or stove, (and possibly your relationship) by adding 1 drop per gallon of Foam Axe into your kettle and eliminate boil overs from your brew day!    

In the Fermenter:
Foam Axe works like magic in the fermenter. Just 2 drops per gallon at the start of fermentation will keep your airlock and blowoff clean. We recommend adding before pitching yeast and rousing well while you aerate your wort. Many commercial breweries use Foam Axe to increase fermenter capacity and homebrewers can do the same.

Additional Notes:
Foam Axe is made from food-grade silicone and works by breaking up foam particles and dispersing surface tension. Foam Axe settles out of beer prior to bottling or kegging. Store cool and in an environment below 90°F. Do not freeze.

The recommended shelf life is 12 months from the date the package is opened.
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