"CellarScience German and Cali yeast strains have been workhorses in our brewery. We've found that the German strain not only helps us produce an amazing Vienna Lager, but that we can also use it to ferment warmer for our Cold IPA to create a really unique beer. 

We tested CellarScience yeast against the most well known liquid and dry yeast brands, and each time, CellarScience outperformed, or performed just as well as, any yeast we put it up against. Plus, we love being able to direct pitch the yeast into our tanks. Our tanks are quite tall, and direct pitching makes the process that much easier.

CellarScience yeast is helping us produce quality beers, and at an affordable price, it really is the ultimate value for us."

Kevin Wilson and Paul Culbertson, Brewers and Owners, Side Gate Brewing